Geno Headshot.jpg

Geno Porter

Photo by Paolo Ciccone, Photographer

My name is Geno Porter. I am a professional photographer, licensed drone pilot, and owner of AiReal Photography, LLC. Along with running my studio in Charleston, South Carolina, I have been a practicing electrical engineering, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and exploring the tasty foods that Charleston, South Carolina has to offer. 

I thoroughly enjoy storytelling.  My favorite story to tell is a love story. You should ask my wife. It almost changes every time I elaborate on it.  When it comes to weddings, I love telling the "getting ready" story. For sports, I enjoy capturing moments that includes the crowd, band, cheerleaders and coaches. I'll even make a note to capture the excitement coming off of the bench.  My goal is to capture to moment that nobody else is capturing. I take pride in it.