Charleston Wall Murals

On Saturday, February 24, 2018, I was itching to begin my birthday weekend. I turned 26 on Friday, February 23. My wife had a fun date planned for us to go watch the movie everyone has been going crazy over, "Black Panther".  

Our plans did not start until 5PM, so I scheduled a shoot with Patrice at 12PM. The shoot took place downtown Charleston near some wall murals. The wall murals were full bold colors, and the model decided to bring some contrasting colors and patterned clothing. A lot of these bold colors and patters can be found in the movie, "Black Panther", where the setting took place in Wakanda. 

Here are some images from the shoot.



Behind the Veil: Flowers 101

Event: Behind the Veil: Flowers 101

Venue: I'on Meeting House

Location: Mount Pleasant, SC






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