Kevin Holliday Presents... Vision: A World Created, Not Captured

Guiding Light - 4 (Credit: Kevin Holiday Photography) 

What is vision? If you ask Kevin Holiday, South Carolina's 2017 Photographer of the Year, he will tell you the following: "it's a world created, not captured."

The image shown above belongs to Kevin Holliday Photography. It's called, "Guiding Light - no. 4".

This series is significant to the viewer because it represents how a person, deity, spouse, etc. can be the "guiding light" to one's life. 

My wife, Blair, is my guiding light.

This image is special to me because it shows three components that form one system. The "3" components are the following: the light, the bond, and the pole. 

(1) Blair is my light.

She supports every single crazy dream or idea that comes to mind. I consider her a LED light, because she shines brightly without requiring much energy. Honestly, she does not ask for enough. 

(2) I am the pole.

(3) The bond is our marriage. 

The bond has two straps. 

Note: As long as one strap is secure, the bond still exists between the light and the pole. Powerful stuff, huh?

What does this image mean to you?

Who, or what, is your guiding light? 

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